Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hola from Logroño, Spain

Ampollas,Turtolitos,Tuerta, y Cincinati. To be explained below.

I had waaaay to much fun last night. Did not sleep until 5am. And got up at 8am so quite groggy.

New words in Spanish

August 30th

In Los Arc0s we did not stay in the first nice Alburgue but went on to the bigger one in the middle of the city. It was where most of the Spanish are. I did not realize when I planned my trip that the Spanish have the month of August off. Every Spanish person here is doing the Camino for only 10 days as part of their vacation and will continue in the city next year where they left off. I am sad to find out that most of the Spanish people will be going back to work September 1st. Which explains the empty bakeries in the morning. I am something of a novelty to the Europeans being the only American that I know of on the Camino. The closest I have found have been some Canadians from Quebec and Toronto. The Germans have had this famous comedian in their country write a book about the Camino. The book is number one on their best seller list and everyone from Germany is walking the Camino which explains why I have met so many Germans. I came to Spain to experience Spanish culture but will be more difficult now with every one back at work. Next time I will come in August. For now I will hang out with the Germans as they speak English. The French I just speak my few words with.

After finding something to eat we met up with the 5 Spanish. The 4 guys are friends from college walking together. Alexia is from Barcelona. She met Rafael one of the 4 guys on the camino. The other 3 guys tease them by calling them Turtolitos. Turtolitos is Spanish for lovebirds. They are sweet together. The 3 guys now hang out together. And Alexia and Rafael usually a bit behind them. We ran into them at the bar for tapas since nothing else open during the Siesta. Had a great time spending the evening with them. Had 2 hour dinner and dessert. While at dinner one of the guys asked where I was from. Seattle. Near Wisconsin he asked. No. By Cincinati? NO. The other way. They thought is was great fun to not know where Seattle was. Now all the Spanish on the Camino call me Cincinati.

On the way back from dinner it was cold. I started running back to the Alburgue. One of the Spanish guys tried to out run me. I beat him. Everyone started chanting Cincinati. He told me he was a gentleman and let me win. Everyone was laughing. Went to bed to the sound of multiple people snoring like bad music.

August 31

We left Los Arcos for Logroño. We were in the room with the Turtolitos. The 3 Spanish came in. Desayuno Turtolitos! and Hola Cincinati and Koreana. Sigh. I started walking with Bo Kyong and some of the other Spanish people. Then we walked with some Austrians (father and son). Then we came across the 11 spanish family. I started walking with Javier again. 7 hours later arrived in Viana. Great small city with amazing church. I never get tired of sitting in the pews and staring at everything. Great feeling of peace. Had tapas and vistited the Pannaderia for some great pastries. I can eat anything I want after walking 7 hours. Then I took of my shoes. Ampollas are blisters in Spanish. I know have 8 blisters between both feet. Ran into the Turtolitos. We are to met in Logroño for a special dinner as this is the last night for the Spanish. It took another 4 hours to get to Logroño because I had to stop because my feet hurt so bad. At the Albergue the man said that people had been looking for us. We checked in. Cold shower and bad beds. Off to the pharmacy to fix my blisters. They have blister stuff right in front. Very common on the Camino. While in great pain fixing my blisters this Spanish guy on the street wanted to have drinks. I was in such pain I could only look up with a pained expression. Felt bad as he walked away. I was not even nice. We called Alexia for the party. I felt bad because we were late. When we got to the party we saw that it was only desert. NO paella. It turns out the two other Spanish cooked for everyone they liked and met on the Camino. Two Swiss girls, Toya the guy from Japan, Bo Kyong and I and lots of Spanish Pilgrims. Everyone Spanish is stopping. Alexia was upset with us for not staying in a hotel. You must be in the Alburgue by 10pm or get locked out. The Spanish do not start anything before 10pm as they have the long Siesta in the afternoons. After desert,pictures, and some beer we left very sad. Everyone felt the same. Back at the Alburgue with 10 minutes to spare. Suddenly Bo Kyong came in and said the Javier was here and we had we not called him as it was the families last day also. He told us to go out with him and leave the Alburgue. The people there thought we were crazy. Left before they locked the gate with everything a mess. Stayed in a hotel room with Bo Kyong. The family had a whole suite. We went out dancing and drinking until 5am. We ran into the 5 spanish and many others. Alexia was so happy.

Ran out of time will write tonight from next town.


Colleen Fisher said...

You crazy girl! What a blast you are having! Only this time you are avoiding black bears and flash floods! Remember: moleskin, water, snacks, bug spray, flash light, non cotton socks, sunscreen and lot of photos to show us when you get home! You dating anyone yet?????????? Hope your feet survive the trip!

Traveling SugarPetal said...

I miss you! How is baby? Help me find a nice Seattle guy. I look like a come from Spain. Got dark like I did in Mexico with you.