Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hola de Carrion De Los Condes

I am having a cafe con leche and writing on the computer in a cafe.

Sept 7th

After exploring the town and looking for Lety twice she found me at my Albergue. She was in a private one that was more hippy than anything. I sat and enjoyed the sun with her at her Albergue. At 8pm I went back to mine. I sat with Toiya and practiced Spanish until bedtime.

Sept 8th

Left with Toiya and his new Pelogriño friend Tony from Valencia. Rule: no English. I learned alot in 8 hours of walking. Feel better about communicating. We arrived in Fr´omista about 2pm. Was getting hot. Lety arrived about 30 minutes after us. We each have our style. She goes slower and I wait for her in the town. Seems to work out better. I had the Pilgrims special at the bar with Toiya and Tony. The town was closing for a parade. We joined in the crowd. I am not sure why there was a parade. Something to do with a Saint. The children were doing a local dance. Great fun. Took lots of pictures. Bad news, I took off my bandages. 9 ampollas are almosted healed. 1 was infected and had alot of bruising around it from the pressure of the shoe against the blister. I had to go to the pharmacy (farmacia) again. I hoped on vacation not to be in the pharmacy so much. Tony is an expert on Ampollas having made the trip to Santiago 5 times. The Spanish pharmacist gave me more special bandages and some betadine and an insulin needle. Tony had to use the needle to extract 1ml of fluid from my foot and inject back in the betadine to get rid of any infection. Toiya held my shoulders down as he injected the Betadine. OUCH! Afterwards off to the bar where everyone gathers to eat and drink suddenly reopened. We had some wine and went to bed.

Sept 9th

Slept and my foot already is much better. Does not hurt to touch. Walked with Tony and Toiya again as Lety slept in a little longer. Again no English to be spoken. I have become a better listener. Met Theda ( a German dentist from Goettingen) she joined us our travels. Saw some old churches and had lunch at a nice cafe. It was close to 30 degrees today. Hopefully will stay nice weather for the rest of the journey. After the cafe Lety caught up to us. There was also this cute dog that reminded my of my dogs. Spanish looooove dogs. They are everywhere even in the cafes. I wanted to take the dog with me. We walked into Carrion de los Condes. The first person we saw was sitting on the side of road fixing his bandages on his foot. He was named Siento Picasso from the Phillipines and walked from Le Puy, France so far. He had just pulled out his second toenail. Everyone now does not feel bad for me as this guy was a mess. I hope he makes it to Santiago. He planned to walk 50km today. We only walked 18km. I was to walk 38km but needed to take it easy on my foot. Because I am a little behind I must at Leon take the Autobus to Ponteferrada to make up some time. Darn Ampollas. Will write soon.


Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Ouch! A break sounds good. Keep up the good work.

Colleen said...

My feet hurt in sympathy with your poor puppies! It sounds as though you've made some great friends so far :)


Amanda said...

Wow you are so lucky to be making such great connections with people, just be careful not to let anyone accidently Virgina Mason you with that Betadine