Friday, September 7, 2007

Hola de Castrojeriz, España

Sept 5th
Walked to Burgos. OMG my feet are on fire. It is about 50km including the city of 100,000. The albergue is on the OTHER side of town. 10km through the streets of Burgos getting lost. I was so tired could not even enjoy the Burgos Cathedral. Barely made it to the Albergue at 2050 pm. They yelled at us for coming late and were not going to give us a bed until they saw where we came from. We got the last bed. Had to share with Lety. They had so many people that the bunk beds were pushed together. 3 Italian bike riders on the Camino were next to us and above us in the bunks. Our bed was original another guys but because we would be next to the strange French guy from the other day we switched. The Italians loved it. Keep kiddding to the one guy sleeping next to us that he had two women in is bed and snapping photos at us in the dark. Everyone in the room was laughing. So tired from walking 12 hours slept immediately.

Sept 6th
In morning the cute Italians still laughing about accomidations. Got European kiss on both cheeks from them.We got some pictures of us together. They will ride 100km we will walk 20km. The Swiss girls from the Paella party in Logroño are here. One has decided to bike the Meseta from now to Astorga. We shall see. Saw Burgos Cathedral and some other site seeing. Amazing. Try to walk about 30km today hopefull but only made it to Hornillas.
Hornillas is a dirty little town in the middle of no where. Walked from Burgos. Met a Spanish chica from Mallorca. She speaks some English so she walked with us today. Staying in a silo/gym because rooms are full. Mattress on floor with about 20 of us in the room. Had another great bottle of wine with Lety and Berlin(from Mallorca) until she met someone from Barcolona and took off. Another guy sat down at the kitchen table. Roberto from Spanish. Another bike rider. Will probably not see again. Great fun drinking wine with him too.

Sept 7th
I am in Castojeriz the largest town I have seen since Burgos. Has amazing cathedral built around 1100. Paid a Euro to see the inside. No photos allowed but pretty amazing with the arches and stonework and stained glass. I am in a nice albergue. Very clean and hip. All modern with video games and washer and patio to have coffee on. I am in a bar on the internet. Able to communicate better and understand more and more Spanish. The day is beautifull at 26 celcius and not a cloud in sight. Lety needed some space it seemed today. Not sure where she is at the moment. I walked with this Austrian this morning. He is like the 7th person I have met that has walked out his door to walk the camino. Will by Santiago walked 3000km!!! He has lost 20kg already. Met some Irish guys coming into the town. Will see who is here by tonight.


Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

hey MichelLe!

Can't wait to see the pictures! the Pharmacy is still around. :)

Traveling SugarPetal said...

I know. I just figured out how to load all the pictures onto CD. Will try to download in Leon