Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hola de Burgos,Spain

It is early here. Everyone woke up around 6am. Could not sleep.

Sept 3

Nothing rememberable. We finally reached the boarder from the Rioja region. It was like Sonoma Valley in California without the commercialism. Endless fields of grapes. We saw again some Danes and met a new guy half German-Dutch grew up last 4 years of high school in US. He has an American accent kinda weird. I finally saw my first American working at an Albergue in another town where we were asking for directions. Anyway more on the German-Dutch guy later. We made it to some small town population 300 for the night. There is nothing but wheat fields before the mountain into Burgos. The albergue was pretty basic. Since nothing to do in the town Jan the German-Dutch guy and some others drank themselves into a stupor. Of course he was our bunk mate. Snored (Reconadar-spanish for to snore) like you would not believe. Left early the next morning.

Sept 4

Lety had pains in her knee. We had hoped to make it to Villafranca de la Oca but we only made it 10km into Villamajor. It was raining and cold. Town again about 200 people. We got there about 1pm. At first kinda depressed with the weather, speed and what to do for the day. Went to the Pannaderia and bought some ham,bread, cheese and wine. 3 euros gets you a nice bottle of wine here near the wine country. We sat at the table. Because of the weather everyone was giving in early before the mountains and stopping here. We met another fun Spainish family of 4. The retired father was telling dirty jokes that I half got. We spent the next couple of hours talking. My Spanish is getter better. We saw at least 4 Germans, the Danes and some others from previous Albergues so we had plenty to talk to. We did not mean to finish the wine but conversation was fun. Perfect time for Siesta. Met strange French guy that came in late. First to speak English to me. He said he begged his way through the Camino. More on him later. We went to bed early.

My time is up. I will write later today on the adventure to Burgos

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Yvonne said...

Hey Michelle! What an adventure it's been. Sorry it's raining and cold right but hopefully it won't stay that way. What an interesting group of people you've met and memories for a lifetime.