Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hola from Azofra, Spain

Hola, I am in pilgrims paradise. Will explain below.

August 31 continued

Escabamos de Alburgue. Once we escaped the Alburgue and went out we immediately ran into the 5 Spanish. Now it was tough. Javier from the family did not know the 5 Spanish though both had been walking the same route. When we had checked into the hotel the manager forgot to give us keys to the door. Jave had the only set. Can not lose him. We started off together but lose Jave in the crowds. Luckily we called him and he was sitting with about 20 other Spanish. He was kinda mad. Told him to hang out with us. Had many shots of some kind of Spanish liquor. We then decided to go dancing. Danced until 5am. Turtolitos not getting along. Have great pictures. Javier and the 4 Spanish guys hit it off. Walked back to the hotel and crashed.
Realized many pictures were taken. Cannot wait to see them.

September 1

Woke up with terrible headache. Bo Kwong (Spanish name of Letti because Spanish cannot say her name. Will refer to her as Letti from now on.) had huge bruise on foot. My feet are a mess. Dancing was not productive for healing the blisters. Can barely walk now. We went out with the 11 Spanish for breakfast. Saw the 5 Spanish and 11 Spanish off on trains. Very sad. Do not know where my German friends are either.

We walked only 9km to next Spanish town of Naverrete to stay. My feet need to rest. Found out how to care for feet and not get blisters. Will write a page on this later. Anyway Naverrete is a horrible strange town like some where you would see in a horror film that seemed quite but had strange vibe. First town with no Holas, Buen Camino, and lots of stares. Also had a wedding at the great Baroque church, Everyone dressed up and made me miss my real clothes. Cheap Albergue was completo (see a previous post for this word) had to stay in private for 10 euros. We were so sad not to reconize anybody on the street. At the Albergue it was almost filled with strange, boring people. Only a dutch couple to talk to. Everyone else keep to themselves and went to bed at 9pm. We were so depressed just went to bed too.

September 2

We woke up and walked to Azofra. On the way passed through Na'jera. It is the furniture capital of Spain. Like North Carolina to us. Had a great lunch of tapas and coffee con leche. Gonna miss those in the U.S. Snooped through the town. Made it to Azofra about 4pm. This is the most amazing Alburgue for 5 euros. Built eco-friendly with pool, garden, patio, two beds per room, clean, kitchen and lots of vending machines even a coffee one. Because it is Sunday nothing open. Can not get breakfast at the pannaderia. Vending machine next best thing. Of course nothing is perfect. This town has so many flies. They are on everything. Terrible. First thing in the Albergue we ran into yoga Spanish couple ( so sweet, they are the Spanish that was in room with weird French guy in Zubiri, saw them do yoga standing on their heads, got a picture, she always looks perfect with make up) Australian Dutch couple from Zubiri, German guys from going to Los Arcos, the Dutch couple from yesterday, met a Swedish lady named Anna ,nice, and this Swiss lady that we walked with this morning. She forgot her creditial and had to take the bus back from Najera to Naverrete (only 20 minutes) last night. This morning there are no buses on Sunday so walked with us and it took 4 hours by foot. Town full of holas also. Nice to see familiar faces again.

Hasta Luego Michelle

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