Friday, September 21, 2007

Hola de Santiago de Compestela

I have made it to Santiago on the 18th. I am in Madrid now visiting the city. Sad as it is my last night. I am to fly back tommorrow morning to London, Toronto then Seattle. I really will miss things here. I weighed myself today lost 25-30lbs. My body had changed from walking 500 miles. I still can not believe it when I look at myself. Changes are not all on the inside.

August 15th

The Irish girls wanted to find a bar that played the world cup in Rugby. It is Saturday night and Spanish soccer rules. We did manage to find a place. The Irish girls drank 2 bottles of wine each and I had a couple of beers. I had met Arturo from Portugal. He came in the bar to see what we were doing. I learned some new things tonight. First Galacia the last part of Spain on the camino is so green. Looks just like Seattle area. So weird to get off the train were it was hot and desolate like the plains of US to such green and lush view. Second lots of history here. Celtic ties. Irish music in the stores and mystical believes. While the Irish girls were watching the rugby match I chatted with Arturo and the owner of the bar. He told me to try Orojo. Local drink. Quite strong. He then wanted me to come back at midnight for a quimada. It is a blessing/spell for the camino. He would not give it at 11pm. We had to go back to the albergue. I was tempted to leave
and go back to find out about quimada but did not want to get locked out. Went to bed instead.

August 16th

Walked to next town. Had dinner with some new Spanish friends and Arturo from Portugal. and with Irish girls. Because Irish girls much slower I had decided to go on my own after this night. Got emails and will write.

August 17th

Walked morning by myself. Quite nice. I have never walked any of the camino by myself and decided needed to. Put in IPOd to keep people from talking to me. Only worked until after lunch. I took ipod out and heard American English. I have met my first American. He was walking with an English girl and German guy. I ended up hanging out with them and played cards until bedtime in the next town.

August 18th

My last day on the Camino. I got to Santiago about 2pm. I met alot of people now so close to the end. One person every 50 feet. The woods smell like home except for that there are so many Eucalyptus trees. It will be my memory of the road to Santiago. The smell of Eucalyptus. I went fast as I have alot to do in Santiago. I can walk about 5km an hour now. My feet are pretty bad now. I am glad to have skipped 7 days. I though how sad to come into the city alone. Just as I was feeling bad I had a tap on the shoulder. I was Katia. I cannot believe we met up in the city of 50,000 on different days than we we both thought starting together. The Camino is strange this way. Always giving you what you need. We hung out all day. I recieved my certificate for completeing the camino. Ate the local octupus speciality and saw the famous cathedral. I am sad to fly out tonight as my name will be read at noon mass tommorrow along with my age and country of origin. I hope I represented well.

August 19-22

Adios until tommorrow.

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Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You finished!